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Fat-Free Gourmet Recipes

Obesity affects almost 10 percent of the world's population, i.e. 400 million people and is rising, especially in the rich countries of the Western world due to the increasing influence of an Anglo-Saxon diet and lifestyle. A diet rich in fiber, fruit, vegetables, and whole grain foods in general, combined with less industrially prepared foods, snacks and pre-made meals is believed to be a valid alternative that can reduce the intake of calories and over time reduce excess weight and the complications linked to all the conditions resulting from excessive fat mass. Integrating appropriate foods (those that are low-fat and low in protein and saturated fats, such as whole wheat flour, cereals, vegetables and fruit) in a daily diet is a great help to promote losing weight and body fat which, in turn, results in significant improvements in social life and in keeping several serious illnesses at bay, including cardiovascular disease, degenerative illnesses and cancer. The objective of this book is to suggest ways to adopt a well-informed approach to food and to prepare meals that are conceived for healthy living on the basis of simple tasty recipes, in order to improve health, increase energy and to transform food into an ally for achieving well-being and a perfect figure! With the right diet, it is possible to reduce weight significantly and maintain weight loss over time. This helps to lead a healthy life, in harmony with others and with oneself. Maintaining the ideal weight is an essential element for preventing all adult diseases and those of the elderly. AUTHOR: Cinzia Trenchi is a naturopath and a freelance journalist and photographer specializing in food and eno-gastronomic related tours. She contributes original recipes and interpretations of typical foods for cooking courses and to books for both Italian and foreign publishers. She is a passionate cook and has worked for many years with various Italian magazines producing new versions of regional specialties, traditional recipes, macrobiotic food and natural cuisine, contributing with recipes and photographs as well as proposing dishes of her own creation. She is a curious traveler and likes to experiment with local traditions and recipes, and reinterpret them using her own intuition and according to her taste. Trenchi produces cookbooks that offer original and creative recipes, blending different tastes and trying out unusual combinations in her pursuit of good food and the enjoyment of the palate but also with an attentive eye for the nutritional characteristics of food in order to achieve greater balance at the table and greater wellbeing as a consequence. She lives in the Monferrato area, in Piedmont, in a house surrounded by nature. She prepares original sauces, dressings and dish decorations using flowers and herbs from her garden, guided by the seasons and her knowledge of produce. Maurizio Cusani was born in Como and he practices as an eye specialist in Milan. He is interested in the relationship between art, the psyche, nutrition and health and in order to carry out research in this field he has studied Sufism and ancient traditions in which, as a curious traveler, he has always been particularly interested. He teaches Enneagram and Symbolism of the human body in Naturopathy courses and in the Masters courses in Psychosomatics for doctors and psychologists at the Riza Institute. For some years, he has been interested in nutrition and its effects on health. He has written numerous papers and articles on topics linked to Nutrition and Nutriceutics, Symbolism, Sufism and ancient traditions, Psychosomatics and well-being in general for various publishers, including Riza, Red, Nuova Ipsa and Sagep-La Lontra. 132 colour photographs
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