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Happy Sexy Millionaire: Unexpected Truths about Fulfilment, Love and Success

4.51 (94 ratings by Goodreads)


By (author): Steven Bartlett

We are losing ourselves. We''re chasing the wrong things, asking the wrong questions, and polluting our minds. It''s time to stop, it''s time to resist and it''s time to rethink the fundamental social blueprint that our lives are built upon.

As an 18-year-old, black, broke, lonely, insecure, university drop-out, from a bankrupt family, I wrote in my diary that I wanted to be a ''Happy Sexy Millionaire'' by the age of 25. By 25 I was a multi-millionaire having created a business worth over $300m dollars. Ironically, in achieving everything I set out to, I learnt that I was wrong about almost everything... The world had lied to me. It lied to me about how you attain fulfilment, love and success, why those things matter, and what those words actually mean.

In this book, I''ll dismantle the most popular, unaddressed lies about happiness that we''ve been led to believe. I''ll expose the source of these lies, examine the incentives that fuel them and replace them with a practical set of scientifically proven and unconventional ideas that will help you to live a truly fulfilled life, a life full of the love you seek and the success you deserve.

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Product Details
  • Format: Hardback
  • Weight: 380g
  • Dimensions: 142 x 214mm
  • Publication Date: 25 Mar 2021
  • Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton
  • Publication City/Country: United Kingdom
  • ISBN13: 9781529301496
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