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BLACK FRIDAY OFFER - 50% OFF YOUR THIRD BOOK - 23 NOVEMBER TO 6 DECEMBER. Discount automatically added at checkout.
BLACK FRIDAY OFFER - 50% OFF YOUR THIRD BOOK - 23 NOVEMBER TO 6 DECEMBER. Discount automatically added at checkout.

The Ultimate Autumn Reading List

As soon as that temperature starts to drop, it’s time to forget about the beach and start thinking about candles, cocoa and comfy nights in. It’s also time to begin wildly fantasising about what will go in your book stack — because there’s no better companion in an adult blanket fort. Here are 10 must-read books to escape the rainy days this Autumn.


Twilight — Stephenie Meyer

Get ready for one of the biggest love stories of our time! The story follows Isabella, ‘Bella’ Swan, the seventeen year old narrator who is moving to Forks to live with her father. Her new life in Washington is dull and isolated until she gets a glimpse of the Cullen family, a group of mesmerising individuals who attend her high school. An extraordinarily suspenseful vampire-romance novel with bite. So if you haven’t yet gotten around to reading the epic vampire series, grab a cuppa this Autumn and dive in.

Sweet Sorrow: the new Sunday Times bestseller from the author of ONE DAY

Sweet Sorrow — David Nicholls

In 1997, Charlie Lewis was sixteen years old and had just finished his last year of school in a small town in Sussex. One day, cycling around the nearby countryside he discovers a crumbling mansion where a theatre troupe are rehearsing Romeo and Juliet. Fran Fisher, playing Juliet, invites him to join the troupe where Charlie experiences being part of a close knit group and opens up to literature. Fast forward twenty years the theatre troupe are planning a reunion making Charlie look back on that Summer.

The Giver of Stars: Fall in love with the enchanting Sunday Times bestseller from the author of Me Before You

The Giver of Stars — Jojo Moyes

A passionate historical drama set in the US Depression era in Kentucky. The Giver of Stars follows unconventional, stand out complex characters touching on issues of racism, class, misogyny and exploitation. With a moving and heartwarming narrative that resonates with our contemporary world where the hard won rights of women can no longer be taken for granted, iImmerse in this period of US history and the norms, expectations and attitudes of those times with Moyes’ newest novel!


The Testaments — Margaret Atwood

The wait is now over! A highly entertaining, action-driven novel who follows three characters who are prepared to buck the system, risk everything and crush the patriarchy. Margaret Atwood’s sequel picks up the story more than 15 years after Offred stepped into the unknown with the explosive testaments of the three female narrators from Gillead; Agnes Gemina, Daisy and the infamous Aunt Lydia. Read all about the founding and construction of Gilead from a different perspective with Atwood’s ‘The Testaments’.

The Librarian of Auschwitz

The Librarian of Auschwitz — Antonio Iturbe

Based on a true, untold story, ‘The Librarian of Auschwitz’ follows Dita, a fourteen year old who has been chosen and trusted to be the class librarian of Block 31. Experience the concentration camp through the eyes of Dita and her struggles of survival. Antonio Iturbe creates an atmospheric and heart breaking story packed full of emotion, harsh truths and reality transporting readers right into the heart of Auschwitz.

The Guardians — John Grisham

Based in the small north Florida town of Seabrook, a young lawyer by the name of Keith Russo was shot dead at his desk as he was working late one night. The killer left absolutely no clues behind; no witnesses, no real suspects and no one with a clear motive. The police instantly suspected of Quincy who was framed, convicted and sent to prison for life! After languishing in prison for two years, he decided to write to Guardian Ministries — a small innocence group founded by Cullen Post.

Nothing Ventured- Jeffrey Archer

The new series by Jeffrey Archer introduces William Warwick, a family man and detective who will battle throughout his career against a powerful criminal nemesis. Through nail biting plot twists, triumph and tragedy William follows the trail of the missing masterpiece, but will he manage to retrieve it? Will Miles Faulkner and Booth Watson stay one step ahead of William? The 2nd book from this exhilarating new series, ‘Hidden in Plain Sight’ will be out this Winter, so be sure to keep an eye out for it!

Upheaval — Jared Diamond

Jared Diamond discusses and explains how seven countries historically and psychologically dealt with their own deep crisis and upheaval. The author developed a list of twelve factors which show up in times of crisis at the national level. In ‘Upheaval’, Diamond dives into realistic breakdowns of how each country faced its challenges, how resilient each is in the face of tragedy or danger and how it responds when it is in the wrong.

Il-Manifest tal-Killer

Il-Manifest tal Killer — Karl Schembri

Karl Schembri’s anarchic cult novel has been referred to as an explosive document. Who is this anonymous activist known as ‘The Killer’ and why are they threatening the stability of the country with subversive messages online? Schembri explains that the police are investigating however, the commissioner himself has secrets to hide — not to mention the Chief of Justice!

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