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#FamiljaWaħda #FamiljaAgenda Bookmark Collection

A collection of 12 originally illustrated bookmarks depicting the Agenda Family

Get to meet Pauline, Kim, Nicholas, Kiera, Britney, Xandru, Victoria, Frank, Grace, Salvina, David, Charlie and GG across the next 12 months and find out what they are up to!

To get your Free Agenda Bookshop Family bookmark simply buy any book on our website and we will send you the free bookmark with you order. A new bookmark design every month.

With your order you will also get a chance to participate in our exclusive monthly promotion for additional free gifts!

The Agenda Bookmark collection is illustrated by Marisa Attard and written by Rita Grech.

How to Participate

Step 1

Purchase a Book

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Prepare your order no.

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confirmation email .

Step 3

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