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How To Think More About Sex

In this rigorous and supremely honest book Alain de Botton helps us navigate the intimate and exciting yet often confusing and difficult experience that is sex.

Few of us tend to feel were entirely normal when it comes to sex, and what we think were supposed to be feeling rarely matches up with the reality. How to Think More About Sex argues that 21st-century sex is ultimately fated to be a balancing act between love and desire, adventure and commitment.

Covering topics that include lust, fetishism, adultery and pornography, Alain de Botton frankly articulates the dilemmas of modern sexuality, offering insights and consolation to help us think more deeply and wisely about the sex we are, or arent, having.

The School of Life looks at new ways of thinking about lifes biggest questions. Discover more fascinating books from the series with How to Stay Sane and How to Be Alone.

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About Alain de BottonCampus London LTD (The School of Life)The School of Life

Alain de Botton is the author of the international bestsellers How Proust Can Change Your Life The Art of Travel and Religion for Atheists and other books that try to throw light on the big challenges of our lives. He is the founder of Living Architecture a social enterprise which gets top architects to build holiday homes for rental by anyone. He is also founder of The School of Life for which this series has been designed.The School of Life is a London-based enterprise that is dedicated to the most useful ideas relevant to the dilemmas of everyday life. We consider questions like: How can we fulfil our potential? Can work be inspiring? Why does community matter? Can relationships last a lifetime? We dont have all the answers but we will direct you towards a variety of useful ideas from philosophy to literature psychology to the visual arts that are guaranteed to stimulate provoke nourish and console.

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