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Author_Michael Galea
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A Bilingual Dictionary of Translation Part1 – Part 2 – Part 3

Hardback | English, Maltese

By (author): Michael Galea

Bilingual Dictionary of Translation: English-Maltese, Maltese-English in 3 volumes (Horizons Publications, Malta, 2017) is the latest publication by Professor Charles Briffa.

This bilingual dictionary provides a detailed exploration of the theoretical and practical aspects of translation and interpreting and their application to the Maltese situation. It treats many topics, with self-contained and cross-referenced articles that are logically and coherently structured. Among these topics one may find the principles of lexicography, different types of interpreting, methods of translation, standards of audio-visual translation, stylistic concerns of translation.

This is the first time that the subject of translation is covered in such a comprehensive manner for the Maltese scene.

It is a reference work specially suitable for those involved in translation-related subjects (like students and researchers of translation) in a bilingual context (Maltese and English). It includes the most important and up-to-date terms employed in Translation Studies and the related disciplines.

At the same time, this dictionary has been compiled with those who have little or no previous knowledge of the subject in mind. The definitions have been composed in a way that makes them easy to understand (with examples provided mainly from Maltese and English), while retaining their specialised and practical aspects.

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Product Details
  • Format: Hardback
  • Publisher: Horizons
  • Publication City/Country: Malta
  • Language: English, Maltese
  • ISBN13: 9789995775049
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