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The magazine is one of UK’s highest selling reads that is ideal for your little kids whichThis is meant for girls aged between 7 to 11 years. 

Girls love this beautiful array of information and illustrations put together for their gentle needs. It is a girl’s perfect partner during her formative years, taking her through the wonderful journey of animals, cartoons, pop bands and others. This is ideal for helping her abilities grow along with keeping her amused throughout the day.

This is exactly what you are looking for. Animal Friends Magazine makes sure that your kid has a memorable childhood, featured with a lot of interesting information. The publishers know exactly what your kid needs and perfectly cater to her needs, during her growing years. It is a bright and illustrative publication.

The magazine features cute farm animals and zoo animals like ponies, pet animals like dogs, cats, and a lot of other interesting blend of information for your kid. It contains the latest news and gossip about your girl’s favorite pop bands, movie stars, and other celebrities. It gets your kids closer to the glossy life of these stars.

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