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Cream of Chivalry


By (author): James Vella-Bardon

Scotland 1306: After slaying his rival the Red Comyn in a chapel, Robert the Bruce receives absolution from the Scottish church and is crowned at Scone. The Scottish king next proceeds to raise an army in the lands of his allies. For half of Scotland has already turned against him and the English king, Edward Longshanks, is enraged by news of the Bruce’s coronation. Longshanks sends his special lieutenant the Earl of Pembroke north at the head of a large English force, with orders to crush the Bruce.

Pembroke’s advance towards Scotland is surprisingly rapid, and he is quick to take the Bruce’s allies captive and seize the important city of Perth. The Bruce instantly marches south at the head of his recently assembled army, intent on defeating Pembroke’s forces and retaking the city. The Scottish king meets the special lieutenant at the city gate, where Pembroke requests that their armies do battle the following day.

Despite his family’s misgivings, the Bruce agrees to withdraw to a clearing near the village of Methven and to meet Pembroke’s forces on the morrow. For the Scottish king knows that the Earl of Pembroke is an exalted member of the English nobility, who is as good as his word. He is indeed the cream of chivalry, a lord who displays all the gallantry and honour expected of all knights…

Feel the crushing dismay and shock run through you like a three foot longsword, as you read this latest offering by the master of the grim and unsettling historical thriller. THE CREAM OF CHIVALRY is a tale that will leave you feeling both shaken and stirred, after the Bruce’s unhappy and sudden decoupling from his wife Elizabeth de Burgh.

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  • Format: Paperback
  • Publication City/Country: AUSTRALIA
  • ISBN13: 9780645123043

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