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Madliena Married Men

3.84 (19 ratings by Goodreads)

Paperback | English

By (author): Gerard James Borg

“This is hotter than lava – Unputdownable!!!”

Some Maltese married men have many secrets to hide…It’s frightening to see how far they can go for a moment of pleasure…

Three manipulative men with chaotic private lives have gone very far. Involved in a dangerous game with a beautiful blonde they are now about to pay for one night of bizarre pleasure. Someone out there is out to get them…

Set aroung the luxurios surroundings of Madliena and the gold-plated members of the Maltese elite, here is an insight into the darkly erotic world of the rich and powerful. From their smooth suntans and fierce physiques, to their sparkling swimming pools, extravagant bedrooms and A-list parties you will discover things you had always thought could not be real. The dirtiest secrets in Malta are the ones you never get to hear about…until now!

From the bestselling author of Sliema Wives – here comes a high-end, edge-of-the-seat entertainment. Frighteningly revealing…utterly addictive…100% hot.

If you’re easily shocked…don’t open this book!

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Product Details
  • Format: Paperback
  • Publisher: Midsea Books
  • Publication City/Country: Malta
  • Language: English
  • Age Group: Uncategorized
  • ISBN13: 9789993275350
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