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Slimming Eats Made in the Air Fryer: Tasty recipes to save you time - all under 600 calories


By (author): Siobhan Wightman

From the double Sunday Times and Irish bestselling, Slimming Eats - comes Slimming Eats Made in the Air Fryer, packed with 80+ tasty, slimming recipes - all brand new and all under 600 calories.

This book includes a how-to guide to equip you with all you need to start your Air Fryer journey today - saving you time and money, so much that you might never turn that oven on again!

Recipes include:

- Warm Bacon, Halloumi, Sweet Potato and Chickpea Salad
- Thai Green Pork Curry
- Chicken Tacos with Mango Salsa and Lime Crema
- Detroit-Style Supreme Pizza
- Chipotle Beef Macaroni
- Sweet Chilli Salmon Bites with Sesame Garlic Broccoli
- Cauliflower Katsu Curry
- Maple-Glazed Banana Cake

Family-friendly meals, fuss-free ingredients and quick recipes - this is the essential air fryer book you'll turn to time and again.

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  • Weight: 900g
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  • Publication Date: 31 Aug 2023
  • Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton
  • Publication City/Country: United Kingdom
  • Language: English
  • ISBN13: 9781399724661

About Siobhan Wightman

Siobhan Wightman is the creator of popular food blog a recipe blog filled with hundreds of easy delicious healthy recipes. She now has 1.7 million fans across her community. Readers love the fact that her recipes don't taste like typical diet food and show that home cooking can be colourful easy and are full of flavour. Siobhan believes that getting healthy is a lifetime change not a short-term fix.She started Slimming Eats in 2009 to keep herself accountable on her own weight-loss journey and to share her recipes along the way. When starting out on her own journey she quickly realised that recipes available for those wanting to lose weight were uninspiring and too restrictive for something that should be a lifestyle change. Using predominantly real ingredients and home style cooking means that Slimming Eats recipes provide a way to enact that lifestyle change in a consistent and maintainable way rather than an unsustainable fad diet which is difficult over a long period of time and ultimately leads to failure.With over 900 recipes available for free on her website there is never a shortage of ideas and now with a book in print with 100 exclusive recipes and 15 blog favourites for those that prefer their recipes in book format.Siobhan was born in London England but now lives in Ontario Canada with her husband and two children.Website: www.slimmingeats.comInstagram:

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